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Welcome to our (mostly!) new website. We aim to renew our efforts to provide regular news and comments on the renewable heat sector.

The awareness of and drive toward decarbonisation of heat in the UK has never been stronger. This can only be pushed along even faster by President-elect Biden’s far greater emphasis and understanding of climate change, a welcome departure from Trump’s mediaeval approach to energy policy. The UK’s ‘Green recovery’ policy includes setting targets for replacement of the UK’s 25 million gas boilers by GSHPs and other renewable technologies.

We have seen huge growth in interest of GSHPs in the last few years. We are extremely busy throughout the UK on GSHP (and water supply) projects. We have completed designs and regulatory support for several very large river-based WSHP systems, as well as a number of large domestic and commercial borehole open-loop projects.

We look forward to keeping you in touch with the UK’s exciting new moves toward decarbonisation of heat!