To Frac or not to Frac?

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As a Renewable Energy consultancy, we should probably be firmly opposed to Shale gas exploration in the UK.

At Carbon Zero Consulting, we believe that for the next 30 – 40 years, while renewable and nuclear power technology capacity is expanded, there will be a major gap in readily available power generation capacity as old, dirty coal power generation is phased out.

Gas is the best option to provide instant cover for renewable energy generation during those times when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine!

It is surely a better option for the UK to develop its own shale gas resources rather than shipping-in gas from Qatar, Russia or from USA shale gas?

Shale gas exploration should only proceed IF there is a thorough program of environmental baseline assessment and real-time monitoring of groundwater quality during exploration and production of shale gas.

Carbon Zero Consulting has a strong background in groundwater monitoring issues (as well as experience of the oil and gas sector). We aim to provide expertise in monitoring groundwater and shale gas activity in addition to water supply and treatment – provided the government has not entirely disbanded relevant sections of the Environment Agency and other means of regulation in the meantime!!