Renewable Energy Services

renewable energy advice

Carbon Zero Consulting’s major area of expertise is in Ground Source Heating and Cooling. However, we are also very knowledgeable and experienced in other areas of renewable heat and power.

1. Renewable technology appraisal

As independent consultants, our first service is to provide you with a detailed, pragmatic appraisal of your options for renewable heat and power. Carbon Zero Consulting will advise you of technologies that suit your circumstance – and those that do not. All buildings and clients are different in their characteristics and requirements and so every situation should be considered in its own light – without preconception.

2. Heat loss assessments

Understanding the heat loss characteristics of your building is key to successful renewable energy design. It is pointless installing a low temperature heat pump system in a draughty, un-insulated building with old radiators unless major changes are made to the building fabric. We have the skills to analyse heat loss (and gain) for buildings of all sizes and types. This might be achieved through calculation or detailed room by room modelling. The output is used to specify renewable heat technologies capable of maintaining required room temperature – at the right price.

For smaller renewable energy schemes, heat loss calculations are essential for compliance with the Micro generation Certification Scheme (MCS) and required in order to receive Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

If you are confused or have queries regarding MCS, the RHI or the Green Deal then please give us a call and we will be happy to guide you through the various procedures – and help you on the road to replacing your existing gas or oil with a suitable renewable heating alternative.

3. Biomass and Solar Thermal

Biomass boilers burn a variety of fuels: wood chip and wood pellet and, less commonly, logs or straw/miscanthus bales. The heat produced is used to provide central heating and hot water in the same manner and at the same temperature as a gas or oil boiler. Biomass systems, also known as anaerobic digestion, are eligible to receive RHI payments for renewable heat delivered, at a rate of 12.2p per kWh for domestic biomass systems, and between 2 and 7.6p for commercial biomass generators.

Carbon Zero Consulting have designed biomass heating systems for large commercial installations as well as domestic properties,  all tailored to the specific needs of the client following from conceptual design through to completion and commissioning.

Solar thermal systems, (not to be confused with photovoltaic, or PV, panels, which generate electricity) capture solar energy to produce domestic hot water (DHW). Solar thermal systems can also, though less easily, contribute to space-heating. During summer months, a solar thermal system can meet the entire requirement for domestic (and some commercial) DHW. Overall, a well-designed solar thermal system consisting of good quality components will deliver up to 60% of the annual demand for domestic hot water (DHW).

4. Thermal Response Testing and Soil Thermal Conductivity surveys

See specific sections of our website for further detail – Thermal Response Testing and Soil Thermal Conductivity.

Case Study

5. A typical project

A recent project that brought the skills of the Carbon Zero Consulting team together is our work for the Nottinghamshire Police HQ. We provided an appraisal of options to replace their large oil boilers (over 1.4MW) with green biomass technology. Although the underlying geology was suited to the specification of a ground source heating scheme, we concluded that the building fabric and heat emitters could not be economically refurbished to allow the use of low temperature heat pump technology. Biomass boilers have been specified and we have successfully managed the process from heat loss modelling, boiler system specification, a tender process and installation. Solar thermal panels are also being considered to provide renewable hot water for a new shower block to be constructed at the HQ site.