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Steve is our resident Hydrogeologist, and is responsible for running many of our projects and is experienced in numerous field techniques: Thermal response tests (TRT) utilizing testing systems capable of testing boreholes up to 300m depth Water supply and open-loop Borehole testing and water sampling Logging of samples during drilling of GSHP and water supply […]

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Following completion of his degree in geology at Keele University, George began work at Carbon Zero Consulting in August 2023. As our resident Graduate Geologist, George can normally be found carrying out various field activities including: Thermal Response Tests (TRT) of boreholes Water feature surveys Sampling of surface water, groundwater and drinking water supplies When […]

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Following her PhD at Birmingham University, Anna has been working as a hydrogeologist for 23 years in the fields of water resources, ground source heat pumps and contaminated land. Experience includes: Ground source heat pump feasibility studies Guiding clients through the process of applying for licences and permits with the Environment Agency Visiting lecturer at […]

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John is MD of Carbon Zero Consulting, now a part of RSK Environment Ltd. John is a Chartered Engineer with 40 years’ of international engineering project management and geosciences experience. His work has ranged from oil exploration and water resource management to renewable energy design and installation. John has played a major role in the […]

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Hailing from the heart of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site, Huw brings to bear a life-long passion for all things geological, along with his experience in the regulatory and private consultancy sectors to all aspects of his work. Huw’s main areas of experience are in groundwater impact assessment and groundwater […]

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Lawrence has 9-years’ experience with Carbon Zero Consulting following a Masters in Geology from the University of Plymouth. Now our resident Senior Geologist, Lawrence can normally be found on the road carrying-out our various field activities including: Soil thermal conductivity surveys, our novel service to measure in-situ soil thermal properties utilized in the GSHP and […]

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Robin is Director of GeoScience Ltd based in Falmouth, Cornwall. He became involved in geothermal energy in 1984, working at the UK Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Project in Cornwall. He subsequently developed an interest in GSHP technology and since 1992 has been responsible for the promotion of these systems ever since.. He is widely known […]

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Dave is owner and Director of Holymoor Consultancy Ltd. Dave has over 30 years professional hydrogeology experience from all sectors: consultancy, research, public and academia. It was also while working in Norway that Dave first became interested in ground source heating and cooling. It took several months to convince him that heat pumps really did […]

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