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Renewable Energy Services

Carbon Zero Consulting’s major area of expertise is in Ground Source Heating and Cooling. However, we are also very knowledgeable and experienced in other areas of renewable heat and power. 1. Renewable technology appraisal As independent consultants, our first service is to provide you with a detailed, pragmatic appraisal of your options for renewable heat […]

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Why Renewables?

In little more than 100 years humanity has burned a large percentage of the oil, gas and coal reserves that took so many millions of years to form. The resulting carbon imbalance is at the heart of our modern predicament. The continued consumption of these fossil fuels is increasing the concentration of CO2 in our […]

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Other Renewable Sectors

Carbon Zero Consulting are leading specialists in the fields of Ground Source Heat Pumps, Alternative Water Supply and Biomass. Unlike some – we don’t pretend to know everything about all other renewable technologies! However, we have experience of, and are able to provide good engineering advice on, the potential for combining renewable heating with solar technologies. We also […]

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