Boreholes on the BBC News?!

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CLbhole-BoreholeBoreholes and groundwater have made the 10 o’clock news! Is that a first? The BGS was on prime time TV explaining how groundwater levels are, in the south, approaching all-time highs.

The seemingly endless run of gales and storms since December has resulted in records being broken for rainfall, river flow – and now groundwater level.

But – wasn’t it only recently that groundwater levels were heading for a record low? It was February 2012 when we were busy drilling emergency abstraction boreholes for fisheries and farmers to save them from drought!

There seems to be little doubt to us at Carbon Zero Consulting that deniers of Climate Change are rapidly running out of arguments to say that its just a bit of bad weather and that ‘its all happened before’

Time to remove your heads from under that pile of sand guys – the impacts of Climate Change are just starting to bite …..