Nirvana Spa, Berkshire

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Ten years ago, Nirvana Spa; The UK’s leading day Spa, replaced its mains water supply with groundwater taken from boreholes designed by John. The borehole system has paid for itself many times over and the quality of water for bathing, drinking and spa treatments is an ongoing pleasure for all guests. The borehole not only saves money but also saves energy and adds to the sustainability of the spa by using water produced on-site rather than from a remote treatment plant. Water is taken from the chalk aquifer at a depth of over 100m providing a long term, safe source of ‘mineral’ water. Nirvana has a licence to abstract 100% of their daily water requirement meaning freedom from the impact of water company price hikes and drought orders! There is even future potential to use the borehole water supply for a renewable energy heating system – saving more money and reducing carbon emissions.