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20 years’ experience of Ground Source Heating and Cooling systems and 40 years of borehole design for water supply.

hydrogeological services

Hydrogeological Services

We provide expertise and design for all borehole users from viability through to construction, testing, regulation and long-term management. We specialise in larger, commercial water supplies for high quality processes, heating and cooling.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

With over 20 years’ experience of viability, design, implementation and regulation of ground and water source heat pumps throughout the UK and beyond, Carbon Zero Consulting is a market leader to guide you through your renewable heating and cooling project, at any scale.

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Field Services

We provide a full range of field services to support our borehole water supply and GSHP design input. This includes thermal response testing (TRT), soil surveys, supervision of borehole drilling and testing, water sampling & analysis, supply and installation of monitoring and data logging equipment and river flow surveys.

Who We Are

Carbon Zero Consulting provides a single point of independent expertise in key areas of renewable energy technology, water supply and management, borehole design and regulation.

We listen carefully to our client’s needs and objectives and pride ourselves on identifying and implementing practical solutions utilising in-house expertise and a small team of long-standing associate consulting engineers.

Carbon Zero Consulting believe that we are unique in having nearly 40 years’ experience spanning natural resource, renewable energy, environment and water treatment technology issues.

Our many clients range from home-owners to the largest private and public sector institutions. Our services guide you through every step from initial planning through to installation, regulation and long-term management.

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Carbon Zero Team

Carbon Zero Associates

Carbon Zero Consulting project summaries

Renewable heating system concept design

5-Star Resort Hotel and Spa

The Project

To provide concept, borehole designs and regulatory approval for a borehole water supply and 1MW of heating via a GSHP system


Yorkshire, for a new build, 5-Star resort hotel and spa


A few! Including, drilling in high-pressure (85psi) artesian aquifer


  • One borehole drilled for water supply for entire Hotel/Spa
  • Two boreholes for groundwater abstraction and injection, drilled 400m apart, providing groundwater for 1MW open-loop GSHP.

Large producer/exporter of lamb products, Shropshire

The Project

To develop a concept, borehole design and regulatory approval for a borehole water supply to provide the full requirement of the facility.

Further feasibility assessment for 300kW GSHP system.


To develop a borehole water supply for a facility located adjacent to a river upon ‘Terrace gravel’ deposits.

Second project phase to consider using groundwater for a GSHP system to provide site-wide hot process water.


  • One borehole drilled for water supply of up to 200m3/day
  • Further boreholes being considered to provide groundwater for 300kW open-loop GSHP system for hot water production.

GSHP systems; poultry, greenhouses & agricultural producers

Typical Projects

To provide renewable (GSHP) heating to very large areas of soft fruit polytunnel and poultry facilities.


GSHP systems preferred to biomass due to preferential RHI tariff, zero on-site combustion & emissions and potential for passive cooling.

Soil thermal conductivity survey of land area to be used for ground-array

Using results of survey and system heating/cooling data, model heat exchange pipe length, layout and pressure/flow characteristics

Heat pump selection and performance specification


  • Detailed soil survey followed by ‘GLHEPRO’ modelling of pipe array and system pressure/pumping characteristics
  • Heat pump selection based on heat/cool duties
  • Review of borehole and open-loop options

County Council building, Nottingham

The Project

To review existing heating/cooling systems & options for upgrade.

Review viability of water-source-heat-pump (WSHP) to replace or augment 1MW gas boilers

Assess technical and financial feasibility, options and paybacks


  • Aging heat distribution system & ability to interface with Low or High temperature heat pumps
  • Closed or open loop river heat exchange selection and design?
  • River water peak high and low temperatures
  • Environment Agency Regulation


  • Open loop abstraction/discharge with low temperature heat pump system and planned significant refurbishment of heat distribution system
  • EA licence, discharge permit & work in flood-plain consents in progress

Large new-build school, Cheshire

The Project

To provide concept, borehole designs and regulatory approval for a borehole water supply and 1.4MW of heating via a GSHP system


Cheshire, new-build school: heating, cooling and water supply


Client unfamiliar with GSHP technology. Significant testing and analysis of options required. Environment Agency regard aquifer a ‘closed’ to consumptive abstraction


  • Testing of 2 very large existing unused public water supply boreholes
  • Cost/benefit analysis of GSHP system
  • EA negotiation over additional aquifer water availability
  • Develop designs for a combined water supply/GSHP system

Heat Storage Design, de Montfort University

A survey was performed on their novel inter-seasonal heat storage concept called an Earth Energy Bank (EEB).

The EEB allows heat from PVT solar panels to be stored in the ground via shallow boreholes and withdrawn as required for space heating via a heat pump. This is intended to allow a well-insulated house to be heated and powered entirely from renewable energy as the house also generates electricity from the same solar panels. To understand the heat flow in the EEB, there is a need to monitor soil temperature and thermal conductivity at different depths to establish a baseline profile of the EEB.


  • A full soil thermal conductivity test has been carried out on the proposed site of the Earth Energy Bank.
  • The test provided very accurate readings of both temperature and soil thermal conductivity at depths of 0.5m 1.0m 1.5m and 2.0m throughout the body of the intended volume of the EEB.

energy bank

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