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John is Director of Carbon Zero Consulting Ltd, which he founded in 2007. John is a Chartered Engineer with 34 years of international engineering project management and geosciences experience. His work has ranged from oil exploration and water resource management to renewable energy design and installation. He has managed projects to drill boreholes all over the world to extract oil, gas, water – and energy!

In addition to water supply and water treatment projects for clients including Nestlé, Müller, Kellogg, major dairies and others, John has played a major role in the development of Ground Source Heating and Cooling (GSHC) technology. This has included close involvement in many of the UK’s larger public and private sector schemes. John is a council member of the GSHPA, engaged with the development of new standards GSHP installation. He is also a technical advisor to OFGEM and provided input to the Environment Agency Good Practice Guidelines, the BGS open loop screening tool and the CIBSE code of practice for WSHPs.

John has been involved in many of the practical details of GSHC scheme design from feasibility through design to commissioning and monitoring of performance. Some of these schemes are the largest currently in place in the UK supplying heat (and cooling) to large public and private sector buildings such as schools, colleges, offices and retail developments. John introduced a new technology to the UK for measurement of soil thermal properties in situ. This is now being widely used as an aid to good shallow ground loop design.

With an exemplary track record, John Findlay is well respected and well known in the water and GSHP sectors and can often to be found presenting at technical seminars and conferences.

Beyond the working day, John is a keen sportsman, captaining his local cricket team, swimming and walking (the latter mostly on Cornish cliffs) and is a lifelong Bath Rugby supporter having enjoyed playing the game for most of his life – the blue, black & white of Bath being reflected in the company colour scheme!